Media Planning & Advertising (PPC)

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What is Media Planning?

Media planning is all of the research, analyzing, planning and testing behind an advertising campaign’s launch.

From researching the most concentrated audiences, to finding an effective budget, to minimizing waste, and much more – media planning is an essential service if you want to produce advertising campaigns that lead to real clients.

At May Media, we group our creative planning underneath media planning. In an age with so many platforms, it is crucial to have the right message and media sizes for the right platform. This does not mean your campaigns are less creative, it means they are better optimized for success.

Why is Media Planning bundled with Advertising?

At May Media, we only offer our advertising services bundled with out media planning services, unless you have an in-house team that develops the plan.

We bundle these services together, because each advertising campaign you run deserves the proper dedication to planning. Without media planning, your paid advertising efforts are more or less a shot in the dark.

A paid advertising campaign is not a project to throw together on a whim. It is a brand message that deserves the proper research, organization, and planning.

What is Paid Advertising?

Paid advertising campaigns are collective groups of ads that are delivered to a specific audience to benefit a business or organization.

Paid advertising is generally used to drive leads, sales, new clients to a business, or to retarget and convert warm audiences. When used correctly, paid advertising can prove to be a great investment for your business. When used poorly, paid advertising can flush your money down the drain.

At May Media, we have seen advertising both pre and post internet. We know what is just a trend, and what is here to stay.

What Advertising Services does May Media Offer:

Digital Advertising areas:

If you are one of our Fractional CMO clients, we offer legacy advertising consulting. These areas could include:

media planning

What is May Media’s Experience?

As a full-service advertising agency, May Media has run hundreds of campaigns generating leads, sales, and new customers for businesses throughout North America. With 29+ years of service, we are ready to represent your brand in the best way possible.

We launched as a company writing radio ad scripts, and turned into a full-service advertising agency. With a background in communications, our team is trained and tested. We integrate our campaigns across multiple platforms to reach buyers at different steps of their buying process.

May Media focuses on legal marketing/advertising, but has worked with 20+ industries. We understand the principles of advertising, and how to apply them to any industry.


The pricing of your monthly retainer will depend on the amount of monthly maintenance, and you will be charged $500+ per campaign launch (unless you are a Fractional CMO client). Each of our bids are custom-tailored, and you will only pay for what your business needs.

We know you would like to hear the price up-front, but it takes time to evaluate what you need.

What’s the Next Step?

The next step is to schedule a 15-minute discovery call, where we can discuss a Marketing Evaluation. We require all of our Media Planning / Advertising clients to go through a Marketing Evaluation, to get a baseline of what has and hasn’t worked for a company.

We will find opportunities for the brand as well, and show you where to plug the gaps in your marketing plan. It also gives us a chance to get to know your business, and create advertising that truly represents it.

Reach out and so we can discuss what a Marketing Evaluation looks like for your business!