Signature Marketing Evaluation

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What is a Signature Marketing Evaluation?

May Media’s Signature Marketing Evaluations are a full audit of your marketing systems to identify strengths, opportunities, gaps, and threats. From evaluating your in-house team and vendors, to analyzing each facet of your marketing- our Marketing Evaluations will provide you with reports that will drive your business forward.

To create the reports for your marketing evaluation, we will interview your marketing staff and leadership, dive through business data and financials, and conduct our own research of your different marketing assets and accounts. We evaluate every aspect of your business’s marketing, from your website and SEO, to paid advertising. To get the full picture of your brand, we need to dive deep and get hands on with your assets.

We require every new monthly retainer client to go through a Marketing Evaluation. This allows us to gain the proper knowledge of your company, to be able to market it in the best light possible. It also gives us a chance to let our teams to meet and work together, which leads to better communication between us.

The entire process will take about 3 months to complete. While this may seem like a lot of time, we find it necessary to provide the proper reports, and to gain the full picture of your company’s marketing systems. At the end of the process, we will give a presentation to your marketing and leadership teams. At this meeting, we will review all the reports, and answer any questions your team may have. You will leave with a physical and digital copy of every report. This meeting will be scheduled well in advance and is very important for leadership to block out the time to absorb this information and ask questions. The meetings tend to run about 3 hours on average.

Why Your Business Could Use a Signature Marketing Evaluation

Just like you would schedule a financial audit to interpret where your money is going, you should audit your marketing systems to interpret where effort and money are being spent, and where the best investment is.

If you plan on growing your business through advertising, it is crucially important to take the time to analyze the returns of the advertisements you are putting out. There may be certain costs that are leaking profits for the company. Or in your data, there might be an opportunity to reach your audience at a cheaper acquisition cost than you are paying on average.

If you hire the services of other marketing/advertising vendors, it is important to measure what they are doing, and whether it is in-line with your brand guidelines. From backlinks to video ads, to SEO- there are many vendors that would love your paycheck but aren’t necessarily going to keep up with the work. You need to have a baseline to compare, and measure against, to make sure your vendor contracts are being fulfilled.

marketing evaluation

A Marketing Evaluation is also a good tool to align your staff with your marketing objectives. If you have a large team and a lot of moving parts, it is important to update each team on your brand guidelines, and to audit them to make sure they are upholding them. Many times, marketing objectives can get lost down the chain-of-command.

Takeaways from a Signature Marketing Evaluation

You will walk away with:

REMEMBER, this is not a marketing plan. While this document can be used to help form your marketing plan, and make educated decisions about it- it does not serve as a marketing plan. If you want help implementing your Marketing Evaluation into a marketing plan, check out our Fractional CMO services.

May Media’s Signature Marketing Experience

At May Media, we have 29+ years of experience growing law firms and other businesses through digital marketing. From developing marketing objectives, to launching and managing ad campaigns, to marketing workflows- we have proven systems that produce results for our clients.

We are not here to make outlandish promises, or trick you into paying us. We are here to create a relationship with your business, and to help you market your business in the right way. We have performed dozens of marketing evaluations, and helped leadership and their teams to uncover the full picture of their marketing efforts.

We focus on legal marketing, but we accept businesses from any industry if the relationship works. We actively manage 30+ accounts, ranging from Websites & SEO to Fractional Chief Marketing Officer Services.

If you would like a list of references, schedule your first discovery call, and we will connect you.

What does a Signature Marketing Evaluation Cost?

Our Marketing Evaluations are a one-time fee. The fee is based on the size of your law firm or business. This cost can be determined on a free call with May Media. You will be expected to pay half up-front, and you will be expected to pay the other half the day of the final presentation, prior to our meeting.

Next Steps to Grow Your Law Firm or Business

If you are interested in a Marketing Evaluation for your law firm or business, schedule your free 15-minute discovery call. This will give us an opportunity to meet, answer any questions about our Marketing Evaluations, discuss cost for your business or law firm and begin the process.