Fractional CMO Services

Grow Your Business to New Heights

What is a Fractional Chief Marketing Officer?

Are you looking for the expertise of a Chief Marketing Officer, but don’t have the financial capability to bring one on full-time?

At May Media, we offer Fractional Chief Marketing Officer services on a contractor basis. May Media CEO Amy May has 23+ years of experience as a digital marketer, and has helped grow million-dollar law firms, and other businesses from the ground up.

As a Fractional Chief Marketing Officer, Amy steps onto your team as an executive level marketing partner, to help you cultivate and grow your marketing efforts. Some services include:

What is May Media’s Experience?

As CEO of May Media, Amy May has scaled the company to mid six-figures. Through 23+ years of experience, Amy has experienced many shifts in the marketing/advertising industry, and is forever a student of her craft.

Amy has a toolbelt of weapons behind her, from her in-house team to her experienced network of vendors. If she doesn’t have an answer to your question, she has access to a network of marketing professionals throughout the industry.

Through exceptional client service, a dedication to the brands May Media represents, proven experience, and a constant quest for learning, we will stand out from the pack of your previous marketing providers.

If you would like more in-depth information on the accounts we serve, schedule your first free consultation today. We would be happy to speak with you, and give you a list of references to contact!

Fractional CMO

How will this Help My Business Grow?

Through strategy, practice, research, and discussion- we will help you plan campaigns, implement marketing procedures, and take your operations to the next level.

When paired with our other services, May Media’s Fractional CMO services work to orchestrate your marketing/advertising efforts, so your brand image is consistent, and you are well represented in your marketplace.

May Media’s main niche is in legal marketing, and we serve many law firms throughout the country (we do not accept competitors to current clients). Real marketing and advertising will generate your law firm real leads. We do not beat around the bush with technicalities, our goal is to generate high quality cases in the most profitable areas for your firm.

If you are a firm transitioning your marketing and practice area focus, we are also experienced in helping firms’ transition.

What are Fractional CMO Services going to Cost?

At May Media, we work on monthly retainer fees that are determined on a case-by-case basis. Marketing is not one-size-fits-all, and requires a custom bid for the work that needs to be accomplished.

We know you would love to have a price right now, but it is in both of our companies’ interests to have a custom-tailored package, that is right for your brand.

So, What are the Next Steps?

Your next step in hiring a Fractional Chief Marketing Officer is our signature Marketing Evaluation. What the marketing evaluation does is give us a baseline of where your marketing is, and gets us up to speed with how your business operates, and the culture behind it.

At the end of the marketing evaluation, your decision-making team is provided with a presentation of the entire evaluation, and gets to ask any questions applicable. This helps us get everyone on the same page, and allows us to build a cohesive plan that is based on your real needs.

If you are interested in scheduling a Marketing Evaluation, schedule a call with us today!