Content Management Services

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What is Content Management?

If you were a band, the last thing you would want is for every single member to play out of tune during a performance.

When you are marketing, you want your content and messaging to represent your brand throughout all platforms. Your different instruments need to be tuned together to create the most effective message, that will resonate with your audience.

At May Media, our Content Management services work to align your brand messaging throughout all of your vehicles. Whether it’s paid or organic, we specialize in making companies messaging consistent and efficient on all platforms. While different platforms have different demographics and requirements, your brand should still be represented in a synonymous way.

This doesn’t mean that you need a one-size-fits-all plan. In fact, it means quite the opposite. Your content plan should reflect your audiences’ habits with each platform, and understand where it fits into the buying process. Your content pushes need to be geared around seasonal sales potential, keyword gaps, and areas you need traffic in.

With May Media’s Content Management retainer, you will have a team of account executives planning, analyzing, coaching, and refining your company’s marketing systems to create the most efficient content. From blogs, to social media, to advertising copy, and more- we will be a supervising role to ensure your brand is moving forward with each push.

What Exactly Does Content Management Entail?

content management

What our Content Management retainer does not include:

If you are interested in May Media handling everything including the day to day, we can help you hire a team of specialized vendors. With our account management experience, we will treat your business like it was our own, and give our due diligence in hiring (and if necessary, firing) vendors.

Whether you want us to work with your in-house team, or manage your vendor network, we will deliver results to your business.

Content and Search Engine Optimization

If you are looking to build a comprehensive online presence, it is crucial to have an integrated plan that pushes content out on a regular basis.

Search engines algorithms are looking for you to refresh old content, and continually be pushing out new, relevant content to your audience. If the content being served to your audience continually underperforms and you don’t change anything, it can hurt your SEO efforts.

From your blog, to social media posts, to your videos, and much more – you need to have a plan that supplements platforms, and works to drive the most traffic and awareness. When you build up your subject matter authority, Google rewards you by ranking your page higher. Search engines want to see users engaging with different forms of your content, that answer their questions and keep them satisfied.

When a user is happy with the result of their search, not only do you benefit, but so does Google- it is in their best interest to keep promoting top interacting websites.

What is May Media’s Experience?

At May Media, we have a combined 29+ years in digital marketing, and actively manage the content of 15+ companies throughout North America, and work with many more. We pride ourselves in our transparency, and the partnerships we form with our clients.

We take the time to get to know your brand, and represent it in the best light possible. The way you appear online influences the audience of your company, and it requires a team that has the proper experience.

Our team is truly behind our clients, and we do not accept competing accounts. We take pride in the brands we represent, and will always advocate in your best interest. Building your online presence requires a team with resilience, that has the experience in making tough calls.

We are not here to beat around the bush and upcharge you until you’re selling your office furniture — we are here to grow your business.

What’s the Price Tag?

The short answer is, it depends. We know you would like to have an upfront number to plan around, but the price of your monthly retainer depends on many factors:

  • Your goals and objectives
  • The content schedule you would like to see
  • Whether or not you want to hire contractors
  • The platforms you want to target
  • How automated you want the process to be
  • And more


Each company we work with gets a custom-tailored bid that fits their needs, and the amount of work that needs to be done.

We can merge our services with your in-house team, or we can hire a vendor network to complete your marketing objectives, without having the expense of an in-house team. If you do not have an internal Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), check out our Fractional CMO Services.

What’s Your Next Step?

Schedule a discovery call, and let’s begin the process of discussing your business. The discovery call is a short call to make sure we can serve your business, and get to know a little bit about each other’s services.

After the discovery call, we recommend for all of our clients to go through a Marketing Evaluation. This allows us to find gaps, opportunities and options for your marketing/advertising going forward. It also allows both of our teams to truly understand each other, and build the proper relationship for growth.